Sri Lanka

Sri LankaIslands, coconut palms, many places – these are just some of the things we can offer Sri Lanka. If you are looking for exoticism and wonder what is the next place to visit, you will not go wrong if you head to the island nation. There will not be bored. On the contrary, you will be able to do a variety of things like this to go sightseeing. They are a hallmark not only of Sri Lanka. And seven of them under the auspices of UNESCO. Here are some of the places to visit:

Colombo city
The largest city and capital of Sri Lanka. There you will have the opportunity to find yourself in a multicultural environment and to run many ethnicities (9 goals) and their different traditions and customs. Walk around and see the difference in lifestyle in a society with different beliefs. Visit the various attractions that are part of the cultural history of the island nation.

Sri Lanka travelSri Dalada Maligava (Temple of the tooth of the Buddha)
Continue your journey to the city of Kandy, where you should not miss the sacred temple for local people. There Keep the tooth of Buddha, which is one of the most valuable relics of professed Buddhist faith. From time immemorial the tooth of the Buddha is the object of desire of many people, as it is considered that whoever owns it will rule over the entire country. This is the reason the church is well protected. Be sure to stroll among other sights of Kandy and become part of the peaceful atmosphere that is associated with the city. Every year during the summer festival is held to celebrate the tooth of Buddha – Esalen Perahera.

With a rich history, more than 5 in. BC, Sigiriya is the first mountain monastery. At the hallmark of the rock is carved shape of a seated lion, between whose legs is the ladder that leads to the palace. To reach it, you have to walk through the beautiful gardens that time have remained intact. Well-preserved are also the ruins of the palace you will see during his visit there.

Dambulla Cave Temple
On the territory of Sri Lanka you can find many cave temples, but do not miss Dambulla, which is the largest of all. It also has a rich history that dates back to the 1st century BC. Today is intact and attracts many tourists from around the world.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve
If you like nature, necessarily go to the reserve Siharadzha where you can watch elephants in their natural environment. Its name literally means “Kingdom of the lion.” It is also home to many other species – insects, birds and mammals. That is more difficult to access, has helped to keep almost unencumbered by human intervention.

Galle Fort
Galle Fort is one of the landmarks of great cultural value to Sri Lanka. It is one of the best preserved castles in the whole country. Its history is rich and has many interesting facts to learn. That is why Galle Fort is one of the cultural heritages of Sri Lanka who are under the auspices of UNESCO.

If you’re a fan of history and ancient cities, visit Anuradhapura. It is one of the oldest cities in Sri Lanka today and there you can see the ruins of the distant past, which are among the best preserved in the country today. The city is also a sacred place for Buddhists and is famous for its numerous monasteries.