Cliff of Moher

ireland travelIreland is a name that triggers many associations in the head man. Beer, whiskey, dancing, rich history and beautiful sights. If you have not yet visited the island nation, we will give you 6 reasons that will tip the scales towards this immediately tighten suitcases and headed west.

Dublin is the perfect place to get an idea of ​​traditional Irish life. Take a stroll around the city, where past and present go hand in hand. You will see as the oldest Irish university – Trinity College and many modern pubs where you can combine business with pleasure – to try traditional Irish cuisine and learn more about the typical country dances.

irelandOnce you have experienced the atmosphere of the Irish public life, proceed to one of the greatest natural treasures of Ireland – A gigantic trail. There, nature lovers will have the opportunity to spend some time in it and enjoy ease, which is in the air.

Giant trail is considered a natural phenomenon because of the numerous basalt columns formed the coast. They are the result of a volcanic eruption. Unconventional natural formations give rise to various legends that reinforce interest in the place. Clean air, seawater and peace will be yours unfailingly companions throughout your walk down the aisle.

For connoisseurs of whiskey, Bushmills town is a must stop. There you can see the oldest distillery, where besides will be able to witness the entire process of distilling whiskey will have the chance to taste it.

Wade for a bit and within the UK, and continue their journey to the capital of Northern Ireland – Belfast. There awaits another portion beautiful sights that have left their mark on history.

Cliff of MoherIf after gigantic trail have not had enough of nature, cliffs of Moher are the perfect place to continue your adventure in the wild. Untouched nature, rocks, sea – few people would resist such a proposal. Inhale freedom, enjoy the landscapes around and not think about anything. It is likely to rediscover yourself.

Do not miss one of the most mysterious stone buildings in the world that dates back to before Stonehenge. New Grange is rated surpassed his time masterpiece designed by people with high engineering. Various assumptions suggest that stone monument ever was as a tomb, and an astronomical observatory. If the meeting with antiquity seem interesting New Grange is one of those places that give you that opportunity.