RukaEveryone has heard of Rovaniemi, picturesque village of Santa Claus in Lapland where live Christmas magic. The truth is that the story begins only when you exit from Rovaniemi and find yourself in the wilderness of Lapland, meet reindeer and wild animals every few kilometers, you can take forsaken streets sleds to poparzalyate, or upload snowmobile to find the snowy forests and frozen lakes. Add to this the perfect ski slopes for skiers and snowboarders, and just getting into the ingredients of your next winter holiday.

Here is a list of just some of the things that will impress you in Ruka.

Excellent skiing – 36 ski runs, all with artificial snow machines (which rarely necessary, especially in winter!), 21 lifts and 159 km cross-country trails for cross-country skiing.

Winter fishing – try your luck and capture their dinner from a frozen lake.

Snowshoeing – snowshoes can take you where no runways to find out what it feels like to be part of nature.

Husky safari – In addition to ride a husky-drawn sled dogs, you can visit farms where animals live and study, to learn more sympathetic to northern residents.

Sun at midnight – if you visit Ruka from mid to late June, you can watch the midnight sun – the sun does not set at all and you can be under its rays around the clock.

Meet Santa Claus – Santa Claus, also like you need a vacation, not to overheat from such work. His summer villa he had chosen precisely the area of ​​Ruka, taking visitors (sometimes in winter) in his house in the middle of Lapland wilderness.

With snowmobile on a frozen lake – and not only. The region has 600 km of routes for snowmobiles, which you can drive on frozen lakes and through fairytale forests. 100 km away from the Russian border to which you can reach a snowmobile.

Night shift sledge in search of the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis is known for its volatility and unexpected occurrence that can not be predicted. This makes hunting a unique light on an adventure of light in the night sky.

Yoga and sauna – Finns know how to look after themselves, so after a long day skiing, do not miss the sauna. You can even join in a special sauna guided tour that will reveal the secrets of traditional Finnish sauna and tell you what and why they are doing inside. For superheated provided hole in the ice where to cool. If you need to restore balance intramolecular can join the yoga practice.

National Parks – you are lucky because you are near one of the most visited national park Oulanka. Karhunkieros trail in the park is the most popular route for trekking because of the incredible views that are revealed one after another on the way.

Useful information and travel tips to Ruka:
The flight of Bulgaria is about 5 hours from Kuusamo airport to Ruka are just 20 km. You can make your experience even more memorable by visiting Ruka New Year. Note that the Finns are not known for their lush New Year celebrations, but meeting new 12 months amid stunning scenery of Lapland worth. If you want to visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, allow one day, as is 200 km from Ruka.