Cape Verde travel

Cape VerdeLikely it never occurred to you to relax in Cape Verde. Read down, fill your eyes with joy from the photos, see prices and we are sure that it will reconsider its exotic destination for this winter.

Cape Verde is an island country located in the Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometers west of continental Africa. This means warm winter (not that there call it winter) with temperatures that invite you to the beach.

Flights to Cape Verde are relatively rare, which means only one thing – fewer tourists, fewer crowds, more calm. Moreover, it consists of 10 major and five smaller island, so you will always find a place to hide if you need complete isolation and relaxation.

Unlike already a bore our exotic destinations like Maldives, Bali or Morocco, Cape Verde is less known and will offer a different experience at good prices (compared to other similar countries).

Cape Verde travelOn a relatively small territory (a total of 4,000 square kilometers, which is roughly as the area of ​​Lovech), Cape Verde has gathered a surprising variety of views. From the beautiful beaches of the main island of Sal in Martian landscapes and rugged mountains in the interior of Sal and tropical valleys of Santo Antao, to active volcano Picula du Fogu (2829 meters).

The population of the island consists of Creoles, who are descendants of Portuguese and Africans. State centuries was a Portuguese colony, so the official language today is Portuguese. Unlike most other African countries that have problems with human rights, Cape Verde is headed across Africa, with regard to various indices of personal freedom and human rights.

The oldest town in Cape Verde – Cidade Velha – is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on the island of Santiago, near the capital Praia. The city was founded in 1462 under the name of Ribeira Grande. It is interesting to know that until 1445, when they were discovered by Antonio Fernandes, the islands were uninhabited. Take the quad and discover the white sand dunes of the desert Viana inside the island of Boa Vista. In the town of Sal, once known for its mining of salt, and today you can dip in the salty pools while wearing carefree on the surface of the water like you’re in the Dead Sea.

Cape Verde you can practice surfing, scuba diving, whale watching and turtle. The best destination for water sports is Santa Maria.