PaphosThe sunny island. The island of love. These are the most commonly used phrases are used to describe the island of Cyprus. It is the third largest in the Mediterranean and its location offers an enviable number of about 300-350 sunny days a year. And if it is reasonable cause to dream about it and so anticipated summer. In Cyprus is the coastal city of Paphos, which keeps the memory of ancient times, when it was the capital of the island. From this period remain a large number of ancient and medieval monuments that tell of a time of flourishing and power. Here are the main attractions in Paphos to not miss while you’re there:

Tombs of the Kings
Near Coral Bay are Tombs of the Kings. Where they are, it is divided into 8 complex. Although its name speaks else here they were buried rulers and was the residence of its kind Ptolemaic. The architecture draws attention to columns and walls, which are made in Doric style and are richly decorated with frescoes.

Ancient theater
Not to be missed and visit the theater, which was built of limestone. Nowadays, its stage is used for various musical performances. Nearby are the ruins of the Temple of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing.

Paphos CyprusArchaeological Park
The archaeological park is included in the UNESCO list in 1980. It includes monuments dating from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Among them they can see buildings with impressive craftsmanship and beautiful mosaic floors. These wonderful mosaics represent scenes from Greek mythology and most of them date from the period between 2nd and 5th century.

Church of St Solomon
A few kilometers from the port of Paphos is the most venerated by Christians shrine in the city. It has a large number of catacombs. It is said that life-giving water springs here, which ascribe healing properties. To guard the site is considered a tree, which is near the catacombs. It is believed that it also has healing powers.

The bathrooms in Paphos
The bathrooms, which are located near the old market, there are from the Ottoman period. They are located in the domed building, which consists of 33 rooms. After restoration the building is used as a cultural center.

Christian basilicas
In the town of Paphos are Christian basilicas, which were built during the early Byzantine era. Basilica of Panagia Hrisopolitisa is located in the eastern part of the city. It is the largest basilica in Cyprus, built in the late fourth century and was destroyed in mid-7th century, during the Arab raids.
Basilica of Panagia Kamariotissa is located a short distance from the harbor in Paphos. That’s basilica, built in the early 5th century. Preserved a small part of its mosaic floors with geometric motifs.
Three other basilicas were excavated about 15 kilometers northwest of Paphos. They are known as basilicas of St. George. The biggest of them is basilica was built in the mid 6th century.
According to Greek mythology Paphos is the hometown of the goddess Aphrodite. Much of the sights around are related to the name of the goddess – Temple of Aphrodite, the Baths of Aphrodite, fountain of love, and the Bay of Aphrodite, located 25 km from Paphos.

Paphos tombs kingsMedieval Castle
The castle was originally a Byzantine fort built to protect the harbor. During its long history, the castle was used as a defense and as a prison. It has even the role of storage for salt when the island was a British colony. In 1935 he was named an important ancient monument and today is considered one of the hallmarks of the region Paphos.

In Paphos has built a large aquarium, which consists of 72 pool. It is home to various species. The aquarium creates a unique underwater environment with lighted artificial caves. Efforts have been made, the environment in which they live marine creatures to close as possible to their natural environment. The place is suitable for family visits.

Temple of Aphrodite
The temple is located about 14 km from the village of dolls. Here are found the ruins, which are in 12 BC. In ancient times this temple was one of the most visited holy places for the Greeks.

Bay of Aphrodite
This is the place where the goddess was born, emerging from the sea foam. The tradition of this bay is couples to stack of small white stones which covered the beach, the initial letters of their names and symbols of the heart. Thus they witness their love. The bay is located on the road between Limassol and Paphos. This place is also called. Rock of Aphrodite. It is a few meters high and is located on the coast. Both sides are rife beaches that are coarse sand and small pebbles. In general, sea water is calm and clear, but in the days when strong wind, the waves break with all his might into the rock and then forming a sea foam, reminiscent of the foam from the legend of the birth of the goddess.

Baths of Afrodita
The bathrooms receive its name from the crystal pond in a small natural cave, which lies in the shadow of an old fig tree. Goddess Aphrodite has come here to bathe. According to mythology, this is where it has met with Lord Adonis. A narrow path takes us from Baths of Aphrodite to another of the wonders of Paphos – The fountain of love. The walk along this trail enables visitors to enjoy the tranquility and splendor of nature.

Legend of Paphos
There is another legend associated with this wonderful place that tells us how he appeared settlement. The main character in it is the sculptor Pygmalion who was talented but lonely and reclusive. One day Pygmalion created the statue of a woman with a unique beauty. He called the figure named Galatea, which means “white as milk”. Pygmalion wrapped the body of the statue with clothes and wears her hair in flowers. Then approaching feast of Aphrodite and all were preparing for it. Pygmalion prayed to the goddess with all your heart, Galatea turn from ivory figure into a real woman. Aphrodite went to the workshop of Pygmalion and when she saw the statue, she was struck by her beauty. Goddess come true desire of Pygmalion and Galatea breathed life. The love of Pygmalion and Galatea was born daughter, whom they named Paphos.

What else – water sports, weddings, food
For lovers of water activities are offered various possibilities – water skiing, sailing, diving, windsurfing, cruises, etc. And those who wish to relax quality, can enjoy the wonderful beaches that are both sandy and covered with pebbles.
Paphos is a dream destination for marriage and celebrating honeymoon. The romance that hovers in the air and experience to be in the birthplace of the goddess of love, makes the experience special and memorable.
Do not miss to taste the traditional Cypriot delight that is prepared in a recipe that is over 100 years old. The wonderful taste due to the content of almonds and various fruit flavors.