DubaiDubai is among the top destinations for Bulgarian tourists. However, if you go on a trip to Dubai for the first time, here are some mistakes that tourists often allowed. What mistakes often make tourists into Dubai?

1. Seek cocktails outside hotel
Dubai not in entirely dry mode. You can drink alcohol in hotels, but do not expect to serve you wine or vodka in restaurants outside hotels. The reason is that the license for serving alcohol is so expensive that most restaurants can not afford it. If you are looking for a bar or nightclub, almost every hotel there.

2. Reaching to shake hands with local women
If you still fail to meet local people aware that shaking hands with men is acceptable, and women rather not. If you submit a hand to a woman, she can touch his heart to salute instead to shake hands with you.

3. Expect to see local people
Local people are almost invisible in Dubai. They live behind thick walls of their residences and can hardly be seen in the streets. People who will encounter are workers from neighboring countries – Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos.

4. Looking espresso or Arabic coffee sand
Espresso can be found only in hotels. Exit you out, you can not find either espresso or what we know as traditional Arabic coffee sand. Everywhere in Dubai drink instant coffee.

Dubai buildings5. Expect to walk walk around Dubai
Dubai is not designed for pedestrians. Distances heat and dust are three sufficient reasons. To move from one part to another of Dubai, use the subway, taxi, Uber or water taxi (Abra). Pleasant walks are old markets – Bur Dubai, Deira, etc.

6. Do not haggle
While it may seem futuristic, Dubai is an Arab country where haggling is part of the shopping. The market is not only in traditional markets, but also when you buy gold or clothing shop in the mall.

7. Kissing in public
No problem to exchange intimacies in the hotel, but do not do it in public. It is acceptable for couples to hold hands and kiss on the cheek. It is not accepted, however, kissing mouth to mouth.

8. Forget that weekend here are in Friday and Saturday
On Friday, a lot of sites do not work during the morning prayer, even public transport will not start before 13 hours. But then everywhere it becomes quite crowded as officially signed at the weekend. Even malls and stores work one hour more night.