Khiva Uzbekistan

Khiva UzbekistanUzbekistan is lovely and really impressive country. When you hear about it and your mind starts evokes images of exotic princesses in studded with jewels dresses, fearless rulers crows riding horses and powerful wizards who disappear and appear in puffs of smoke spooky. Once within this empire is entering and today’s country Uzbekistan. Now it is the most populous of all countries in Central Asia and keep the memory of the ancient and powerful civilizations. Here are the top sightseeing tours in Uzbekistan:

Aral Sea
It is interesting to know that its territory is the Aral Sea, which is actually a non-draining lake and is located on the border between Kazakhstan and Karakalpakstan (an autonomous region of Uzbekistan). Once there were the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya, but they were diverted for irrigation and since the Aral Sea has shrunk considerably in size. In Uzbekistan there are few places that deserve the attention of every visitor with its past, its interesting history and many monuments of architecture.

Samarkand is a city with a long history, which is the second largest in Uzbekistan. It is a known fact that in the past was a strategic location along the ancient Silk Road. This has brought him great riches and nowadays boasts a large number of cultural and architectural monuments that bear his place among the world heritage by UNESCO. It is interesting to know that one of these monuments is the magnificent square Ragistan that fascinates every guest of the city of its size and its unique craftsmanship. His colorful geometric shapes captured with elegance and perfection. Here it is also worth to see the architectural complex Shahi Zinda so-called “City of the Dead,” which is a complex of mausoleums.

Tashkent UzbekistanTashkent
Another city that is an obligatory stop in Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent. The city has experienced a devastating earthquake in 1966 and needed to be rebuilt. One of the most impressive sights in it are – the Palace of Prince Romanov; Tashkent Zoo, which is home to about 3,000 animals; Museum of Amir Timur; the National Opera and Ballet; Hazret architectural complex, which keeps the oldest Koran in the world of VII; Cafal Shashi mausoleum and madrasa Barack Khan, where the richest library of oriental manuscripts.

Next important point on the historic Silk Road is just as the ancient city of Bukhara. Today it is one of the largest cities in Uzbekistan and has something to offer to its guests. The oldest landmark in this city is Kaloyan minaret, which towers over all mosques and minarets and this was the reason it can not be destroyed by Genghis Khan. In Bukhara can watch demonstrations of silk production. Local markets in this great city attracted by its diversity and interesting products that offer.

Let’s move on to the next exciting place in Uzbekistan this Asian country. The city of Khiva find wonderful architectural complex which was the residence of Uzbek ruler. The complex Yichang Kala brings together around 50 historic monuments and nearly 250 old houses. Not surprisingly, it is the first monument in the country, which is connected to the world heritage of UNESCO.

Kyzylkum Desert
The road between Khiva and Bukhara passes through desert Kyzyl Kum and again follows the ancient route of the silk. It is the 11th largest desert in the world and is located between the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. Going through the desert between the two cities allows tourists to enjoy the view from the banks of the Amu Darya River.

Aydar Lake
In southeastern Kuzulkum is Aydar Lake. It can be seen a variety of fish species. Around the lake there are no settlements and this influences very well on the natural development of wildlife around the lake.

The stories of Uzbekistan inevitably associated with Turkic-Mongol warlord Timur or more known as Tamerlane. His birthplace is Shahrisabz – city in South Uzbekistan. In his order, there was built the palace Ak-Saray. In 2000, the historic center of shahrisabz is included in the UNESCO list.

Uzbekistan is also a small town called Karshi. It is the administrative center of qashqadaryo region. Few people know that the history of Karshi dates back 2700 years and is associated with the names of many rulers and prominent figures of the past. It is located at the intersection of the Silk Road, coming from Central Asia to India and Afghanistan. The city was an important goal for many conquerors. During these periods here were built some of the most famous monuments of the city. In Karshi is the only educational institution for women, built in the region. A famous tourist destination are the bathrooms, which according to legend, is heated by the fire of a single candle.

Darvaza UzbekistanThe gates of hell
In the end our virtual tour of the remarkable places in Uzbekistan will find ourselves at the gates of Hell. Yes, that’s right, there is no mistake in the description. The history of the place is more than 40 years and is located near the town Darvaz. Geologists dug for gas and unexpectedly stumbled on an underground cavern that was so big that it failed equipment and tents. The hole was 60 m in diameter and 20 meters deep. None of geologists did not dare to go down as the hole was filled with gas. Then they decided to light a fire that expect to burn about 3-4 days and then everything is over. However, it turned out to be right – this fire continues to burn to this day as a reminder of the power of nature and the insignificance of man in front of her.