Hassan II mosque

Hassan II mosqueCasablanca is a city gathered by uniquely atmosphere of Morocco and Europe. Modern and at the same time very traditional, quiet but bubbly all this is housed in the Moroccan city of Casablanca. Even if you are short here, here which are the most interesting places to which your attention:

Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque is one of the first things you need to see in Casablanca. For many people it is the symbol of the city. This is the highest mosque in Morocco and the second largest in the world after Saudi Arabia. But top positions in the charts do not end there because minaret her prince in the world, it is high targets 200 meters. This is one of the most modern mosques – is equipped with underfloor heating. The building can accommodate about 25 000 people. The building can be seen from almost every side of town and is certainly one of the things we will remember even years after his visit to Casablanca. Unlike other temples, you can enter even if not profess Islam. Every day they organize group trips for tourists from which you can benefit.

Rick’s Café
If you, like me, when you hear Casablanca, first think about one of his favorite films, it should remember about Rick’s Café. The café identical to that in the film, was built in the old city of Casablanca.

The old city of Casablanca can offer you much. Small narrow streets, typical small houses painted in different colors, men smoking hookahs and authentic shops are hidden in the old town Medina.Tova is where you can dive into the lives of locals to try things they eat and drink, shop in the same stores to see how they live!

Casablanca MoroccoCornish beach
Cornish beach is where Casablanca meets the Atlantic Ocean. The location is ideal for swimming, collecting tan and beach walks. There are many luxury hotels, cafes, restaurants and boiling nightlife.

Sacré Coeur
The cathedral was built in 1930. It is an architectural masterpiece combining Moroccan and European style. White magnificent building was used for the school and is now a cultural center.

Square “Mohammed V”
This is the main square in Casablanca. There are important institutions, Courthouse, French consulate buildings and a number of banks. This evening is a favorite place to walk to local and tourists.

Central Market
Central Market is not just a place where you can buy exotic spices, traditional Moroccan slippers, premium tea or scarves with all sorts of colors, here you can meet, talk and markets with local people. So the object that you will take with you at home, will always remind you of the wonderful time spent in Casablanca.