azerbaijanAzerbaijan is one of those strange mix of east and west that both amaze and confuse you. If you have not been in these exotic lands, here are some good reasons to do so. Dry and humid subtropical climate Lankaran to mountain tundra in the Greater Caucasus. The majority of the country is in the subtropics, for which you can snacking fresh oranges, kiwis, tangerines, bananas. It and beach – from May to September of the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea, close to the capital Baku.

Besides large – over 350 000 square meters, the Caspian Sea and deep – reaching over 1000 meters at its deepest section. The water is less salty than most seas, making it more pleasant for swimming.

Qobustan – remember this name because here was one of the first centers of human civilization. Archaeological Reserve is located 60 kilometers from Baku and includes petroglyphs, tombs, cromlech similar to Stonehenge remains of settlements since the Stone Age. The UNESCO is the oldest city of Baku – Ichen Sheher. In this part of the capital are Tower of girl Shirvanshah palace, mosques, remnants of caravanserais and baths. Here they were shot by the Soviet film “Diamond Hand”.

Naftalan not the name of a petrol station and a popular spa resort, just 20 km from the second largest city of Azerbaijan – Ganja. There you can have amazing Azerbaijan hotels and accommodations. Oil treatments of naphthalene are known for their beneficial properties because of their specific biological composition – prevent infections acting analgesic and invigorating. The first oil ointments were created by German concessionaire who began exporting them to Germany back in 1886 Nowadays in oil baths resort treat more than 70 diseases.

sightseeing at azerbaijanAzerbaijan ranks first in the world in number of mud volcanoes. 350 of all 800 mud volcanoes in the world are located throughout the country. Thousands of tourists come to Azerbaijan just because of this attraction. Mud volcanoes erupt with a roar and gas, and flames can reach 1000 meters height (volcano Garasu). Besides that resemble the landscape of Mars, these volcanoes, it turns out, are really to do with the Red Planet. According to researchers from NASA, the composition is similar to the plains of our neighboring planet.

On the table in Azerbaijan Chez serve you all kinds of meat (except pork) and fish cooked with many spices. Get ready for lots of saffron, which is placed almost anywhere. Be sure to try all kinds of bread – baguettes long, flat Arab bread with nuts and seeds.

Excavations show that the Sheikh is one of the oldest cities in the Caucasus – more than 2500 years. Over the past few centuries Sheki became famous worldwide for its silk and fine embroidery. Because of the busy trade they were built many caravanserais where weary travelers can rest. Two of them are preserved – top and bottom, from the 18th century. Take a look at the impressive Palace of Sheki Khans of, the construction of which has not been used a single nail.

Since ancient times the surface massacred gas deposits used today that burned. In those times it was considered a divine sign and people from around the world come to worship the sign from above. Today you can see Zoroastrian temple built around one such field – Ateshgah, 30 km from Baku.

This is a true paradise with shady cafes and benches, delicious ice cream and yacht club. There are also shopping centers, gym Boulevard Crystal Hall, built for the conduct of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 is known as the boulevard is five kilometers long and is planned to be extended.

Already mentioned hall Crystal Hall (Eurovision), Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, the complex of three skyscrapers tower known as Flame because of its shape – in Baku constantly springing ultramodern buildings that create a futuristic look of the capital.