Terceira Island tour

Terceira IslandAs soon as you step on the island of Terceira, one of the nine Azores travel will love the sight of colorful houses – painted in bright, gaudy colors, without unnecessary color matching between the neighbors. This view is long remembered, but it’s not all. Terceira Island is known as one of the few places in the world where you can observe the migration of whales and dolphins. Temperatures year almost do not change and can not come to rest at any time. Nature is exotic, and people – friendly. Remember that you are in Portugal, though far into the ocean.

Angra du Eroizhmu – capital brings heroism in his name – Spanish King Pedro Fourth gives this name in 1834 in honor of the courage shown by the townspeople against all possible external threats with which an island in the middle of the ocean can stand. This is the oldest town on the island (over 500 years), whose historical center’ll love. The streets snaking up and down as if he could not decide exactly where to take you, and colorful buildings will make you smile. There are still ongoing bull fights, similar to those in Spain, including audience participation (running with the bulls).

The extinct volcano Monte Brasil – hence the incredible views of the city Angra du Eroizhmu and far, far to the south. Curiously, the entire volcano is surrounded by massive walls – the largest that the Spaniards ever erected. These points are the times when heavily loaded with riches Spanish merchant ships returning to Europe and hence should be protected from pirate attacks. Today the fortress is a Portuguese military base.

Terceira Island tourBishkoytush – nice little town that is best known for its traditions in wine production. Be sure to convince yourself of this by ordering a glass of wine from the local variety verdelyo and learn more about wine history of the region at a local wine museum. Along the Bishkoytush have formed natural pools of rocks. Some of them were built ladders and platforms are more easily accessible for fans of the sun.

Cabras islands – this is the destination to which to send if your list of dreams is to watch the migration of whales and dolphins. Join an organized excursion by boat, to make sure that you have professionals on board who will take you where to meet face to face with some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.

The lakes in craters of volcanoes – in the central part of the Azores island has a number of larger and smaller craters of extinct volcanoes, which nowadays have become the bottoms of ponds.

Cave Gruta du Natal – lava is frozen in such a bizarre way in this cave that today allows you to send an underground journey through the tunnels of lava. The cave is carved altar where Mass was held on Christmas – hence the name of the cave – Christmas cave.