TaorminaTaormina is Italian town and resort, remarkable in every sense and know as the pearl of Sicily. From a geographical point of view, it is advantageously located on the east coast of the island of Sicily. Steep hills Sicilian Apennines, cascades downward to the aquamarine waves of the Ionian Sea create a true paradise for travelers and holidaymakers. Rich colors and green landscapes, on the background of broken silhouette of the mountains, the exquisite complement the historical attractions of the city. Believe in Taormina can arrange a feast for all the receptors of the human body!

During its long history, Taormina seduced more than one hundred writers and artists, aristocrats and bohemian bums. Nowadays this resort – the owner of the summer arts festival, which attracts crowds of fans from around the world. Taormina has grown up around the so-called Greek theater of the 2nd century, and which carried out most of the concerts or the opera summer festival.

Taormina food festivalFamiliarity with architecture is best to start with Via San Pancrazio and the eponymous temple, dedicated to the patron saint of the city of the Holy Pankraty. Passing through the ancient gates of Porta Massima, you can get to Vittorio Emanuele II Square, where there are beautiful in its medieval guise Corvaja Palace and the Church of Catherine of Alexandria, a real treasure of art. And here is a short step to the main monument of the Middle Ages, the Cathedral and the majestic buildings of antiquity – Greek theater. You can have relaxing minutes in the city garden, which opens great views to the bay and to the beaches.

The town is not very big, so to get around everything and want more pretty easy – then you can walk in the surrounding area of ​​Taormina: up to the ancient castle in the mountain village of Castelmola and admire opening out panoramic views, descend by cable car to the bay of Mazzarò, and lie down on the sand of one of the most the beautiful beaches of Sicily, or to get to the Alcantara gorge and see the stunning beauty of the waterfalls. And – do not forget to conquer Mount Etna with its volcanic water park, go to Messina (40 km) and Catania (55 km) and to fill in a huge wardrobe Outlet “Sicily” (80 km).

Well, if you’re so lucky, that will be in Taormina in the second half of May, do not miss the opportunity to visit the capital of Sicilian Baroque at the time of striking for its bright colors and sweet scents of the famous flower festival (90 km).