Skibo Castle

SkiboWaking up by the sounds of walking under your windows bagpiper as they were woken up King Edward III, Rudyard Kipling, Rockefellers and Madonna in her wedding day. Thus begins a magical day at Skibo Castle Andrew Carnegie, originally named Schyterbolle in the tenth century. Celtic inhabitants of his (their language word meaning “fairyland”) who believe that it is the gift of Celtic fairies. When Carnegie returns home after winning millions in America as one of the most successful businessmen in the world, he called it “paradise on earth”.

Carnegie spent an impressive amount to build a magnificent residence on the rubble of the ruined castle, creating an extremely magnificent “home for the rest of my life”. Recently purchased by an American entrepreneur today Skibo opened its majestic doors to a privileged club members and external guests can live like steel magnates in a nostalgic atmosphere of authentic furniture from the nineteenth century., Friendly staff dressed in tartan kilts Scots and such fun traditions like this to be putting in huge, illuminated by candelabra room nights of solitary bagpiper in evening dress.

The 30,000 acres of the estate are filled with large feathered game, and there is a private golf course with 18 holes, which has won awards.