SigishoraSighisoara is a lovely town – small and well fortified, located in the famous region of Transylvania in Romania. It is only four and a half hours drive from the capital Bucharest and the river running through it Trnava Mare. Sighisoara has a cozy medieval radiation with narrow cobbled streets.

Here are the main vehicle your feet, which is very convenient for tourists who can freely stroll. In the town everything is no more than 2 km. Often narrow and winding streets are starting to creep up on the hills, making the small town very picturesque and charming. In the old buildings is home to numerous cafes and restaurants, various craft shops and beautiful houses painted yellow, ocher, green and pink. And if you find yourself in Sighisoara not go away before you try the local specialty “Michi” which is made from minced pork, with grilled and served mustard and bread.

sigishora romaniaThe place dates from the 12th century. And was founded by Transylvanian Saxons. According to historical data, however, it was inhabited as early as Roman times. Today medieval architecture is mixed with Western innovations, which gives the place a more contemporary look and makes it an attractive destination for visitors. Of course, the biggest lure is associated with the mystique around the residence of Count Dracula here. And here’s the truth! Vlad Tepes Dracula was born in this city on December 7, 1431 Over the years he built a legendary fame of subtle and fierce ruler. Whether drinking blood? According to historians, the truth is far more cruel than the mystique of his vampire nature. Vlad Tepes liked to put on the live call people who somehow jeopardize its throne. This and other facts actually show even that reality is sometimes more raw and fiction. His house is one of the biggest attractions in Sighisoara.

Citadel is another building, which the city boasts. In 1999 it was included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. It was built back in 1360 Until it is reached, passing the clock tower, which is one of nine survivors from a total of 14. With its gabled roof, it is easily recognizable and visible from afar. Different towers in Sighisoara are built for two veka- between 14 and 16. They are named after the craft guilds such as blacksmiths and shoemakers.

It is worth to visit the Cathedral “Holy Trinity” Church on the hill, which is a fine example of Gothic architecture. Impression you make and the Museum of weapons, which incidentally is housed on the first floor of the house of Vlad Tepes. What a coincidence but !?

To make matters worse, if you choose the summer for your trip to Sighisoara will encounter a true spectacle. During warmer months, is held here Festival of Medieval Arts, during which the town is voiced by medieval music. The streets are filled with artists and actors dressed as knights and ladies, and various dancers, jugglers and puppeteers. Most of them recreate various scenes from the Middle Ages