Sequoia forest

Sequoia forestThey say that by embracing tree is loaded with energy. You can embrace the next tree that you stood in the way. Or pick some really special. One possible direction is the grove of giant sequoias near the Bulgarian village Theologian, located on only 5 km from Kustendil. Three of the redwoods are more than 120 years and around them forestry workers raised grove of another 100 younger redwoods.

Why are they so special?
Sequoia is the largest plant species on the planet whose natural environment is California, North America. This is the only one in Bulgaria grove of redwoods, and the three old trees are the oldest and highest of the species in Bulgaria. Individual trees are planted at different places in the country (eg in the courtyard of the Boyana church in the yard of Bachkovo, etc.). The bark of redwood is soft bark of most trees.

How to get to the grove of redwoods near Kustendil?
From Kustendil follow signs to Ossogovo hut (signs on with. Theologian none). In the village of a fork there is a sign pointing “to the redwoods.” Go through the village and a few hundred meters after the exit, you’ll see the trees on the right (as a reference on the left side of the road, opposite the redwoods, there is an information board).