Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa GalluraSanta Teresa Gallura (or simply Santa Teresa) was founded in 1808 as a basis for dealing with the large number of smugglers who tried to pass unnoticed in the area. A long time remained a small village, while in the 60s of the last century found no potential for beach haven for tourists. Compared with other famous resort area – Costa Smeralda – Santa Teresa di Gallura has retained more of the charm of Sardinian towns. Most buildings are relatively modern, but colorful and tidy as the Italians will know. Because of its proximity to the neighboring island of Corsica (about an hour by ferry), the city has acquired some Corsican traits. Dialect of the inhabitants of Santa Teresa Gallura reminds dialect spoken in southern Corsica.

What to see and do in Santa Teresa Gallura?
Walk from the main square Vittorio Emanuele Street XX September to find out your restaurant or the most delicious ice cream (Look for signs gelato). At the end of the street you will leave a panoramic area with benches. You will also see the historic watchtower Longosardo on which you can climb for an even better view.

Beach in Santa Teresa Gallura
The coastline around the city is broken, rocky curves. In one of rocky coves will find Rena Bianca beach – sand, deckchairs and umbrellas near the center. From the port of Santa Teresa Gallura you can join boat trips to La Maddalena archipelago. The islands of La Maddalena are famous for their beauty and wonderful beaches – one of the most impressive places that you can visit in this part of Sardinia.

A ferry to Corsica
Santa Teresa di Gallura ferry departs for the city of Bonifacio in Corsica (several times a day), the ticket is around 50 euros bidirectional. The ferry runs year-round, long for about an hour.

By bus to Olbia and Alghero
All year round you can reach Santa Teresa Gallura by bus from Olbia (where airport), and during the summer there are direct bus from the airport of Alghero.