chilean wines

chilean winesChilean wines took the world by storm and enofilite many want to visit the country in which they are produced. Wine in Chile began with the arrival of Spanish conquistadors and missionaries who cultivate grapes for ritual purposes, but the real fault occur when in the middle of the nineteenth century. Cultivated planted French vines. The main vineyards are located in the provinces of Aconcagua, Valparaiso and Santiago, where a series of beautiful valleys formed during the Ice Age, rich in fertile soils.

Chile avoided grapevine diseases that strike later French wines, along with Australia, it is the only country still planted their own vines, which are now three to four times longer life than their European counterparts.

The third largest exporter of wine to the United States after France and Italy, Chile boasts a list of star wineries, led by “Vina Concha and Toro” (Viña Concha y Toro), the largest and most famous in the US ; “Vina Kousinyo macula” (Viña Cousiño Macul), the oldest in the country; “Vina Santa Rita” (Viña Santa Rita), world famous for its Cabernet.

Travelers to the area fills his days with tastings and gastronomic lunches in restaurants wineries, visiting local markets and obligatory stop in “La Sebastian” exquisite beachfront home (one of three) of the Chilean poet, Nobel Prize winner, the late Pablo Neruda. To visit Chile without surrender homage to Neruda, say locals, it is like go to church and do not ask God.