perhentian islands

perhentian islandsPerhentian Islands are located 20km from Malaysia (about 1 hour by boat) and 65 km from Thailand. And if you are hundreds of miles from anything else. Perhentian is a place like end of the world. The beaches are dazzling white sand. The water is transparent like a postcard. Under the shade of palm trees tired of the noisy city people regain their balance sheets with fresh juices and listening to the waves. Perhentian are two islands – Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Perhentian purse Besar (translated Small and Big Perhentian Island). From Malay Perhentian translates as “place of rest” – and just about served two islands since ancient times, when merchant ships from Thailand to Malaysia stopped here for recreation.

The islands are relatively undisturbed by civilization. There are permanent residents only in a fishing village on the Big Island Parhentian. Others you will encounter (and they are not so much) are either vacationers or staff of several hotels (luxury, but well entered in the middle and ordinary cottages).

Along the coast there are also restaurants and companies for trips that are advertised with handwritten color plates. Interestingly, with the exception of excavated through jungle paths, the islands have no roads. The only way to navigate between islands is by boat (water taxi).

The islands Parhentian you can try in diving – underwater world is rich and colorful. The area of ​​the island was declared a marine protected area. There are many places to save on diving course, if you will for the first time.

Another experience that can not miss is trekking through the jungle. Remember repellent and water. Thereafter you only remains to tread softly on the trails and enjoy the interesting lizards, butterflies and other exotic creatures.