PaestumDiscovered accidentally in the eighteenth century, Paestum was inhabited 700 years before the fall along with the Roman Empire in its last days. On a flat coastal plain, which Percy Bysshe Shelley called “unspeakably glorious” are some of the most magnificent ancient ruins in the world and probably the oldest. Of the two sun-bleached limestone major exhibits here basilica is one of the earliest permanent structures of Western civilization. Temple dedicated to Hera, wife of Zeus, dating from the sixth century BC and it is among the best preserved in Europe. Next door is the famous Temple of Neptune, considered one of the ancient largest and most beautiful churches in the world. Built around 450 BC, it is one of the most fully preserved Mediterranean buildings like missing only the roof and parts of the interior walls, and thirty-six Doric columns still stand erect. Look at Paestum in the late afternoon when a less severe Neapolitan light warms his golden stone.

Then head to the nearby farm of agricultural tourism and inn Baroness Cecilia Belen Barata, whose 400 buffalo supply Italy with one of the best mozzarella di bufala. Guests of her family “Tenuta villages” can enjoy fresh mozzarella and ricotta every day, and the whole range of products directly from the farm, cooked to the point of perfection itself Baroness and served family-style in the garden. Therefore Pliny the Elder will be called Campania Felix – really happy Campaign.