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akko travelClosed in massive walls from the era of the Ottoman Empire, Old Akko (Acre) is quite authentic. He was not populated by nouveau riche has not been arranged and adjusted, reconstructed and reborn as a neighborhood of artists. St. Francis and Marco Polo wean here when Akko was the regional headquarters of the crusaders in the Promised Land. Today’s old town was built in the eighteenth century. In uptown Crusader.

city akko travelThe authentic maze of underground corridors, recently excavated, has accommodated 50,000 knights and inhabitants. Above ground silhouettes of mosques decorated with mosaics, CE towering minarets, a Turkish bath and caravanserais are monuments of Ottoman influence and reminiscent of Arabian Nights. In the Old Akko boiling real life, he is not a place for tourists; stalls selling spices and household goods, souvenir widgets and postcards. The importance of Akko as a major Mediterranean port can be traced to written evidence from the first century.

Enjoy the dinner at one of the many restaurants near the pier and admire the sea dikes. I hope you’re lucky to find a table on the shady terrace of “Abu Cristo” and ordering Middle Eastern appetizers and grilled fish, just taken from the boat.