Obidos Shrink-wrapped in Moorish walls, whitewashed small town Obidos was considered so lovely that it was the Queen’s dowry. In 1282 King watermelons donated by Queen Isabel mansion as a wedding gift in the next 600 years each Portuguese monk also makes it, thereby reinforcing its behalf Casa das Rainhas, home of queens. Obidos is a museum city, national monument, so picturesque that can convince every visitor – and they are legion – that he or she can be a great photographer.

There fortifications built by the Moors as battlements of the towers that are nearly a kilometer in circumference, and a slow walk along the wide promenade on their detects stunning views of Obidos and its surroundings.

The impressive castle of the fifteenth century. Was built as a fortress and turned into a royal palace in the sixteenth century. Today, one wing was transformed into 9 rooms and you can be a knight for a night in one of the most raise the mood Portuguese hotels.

The huge hall was filled with armor and one can imagine visiting queens of the past and their royal bent. The restaurant serves food for a more plebeian palate, but you can enjoy with views and best of all, staying at the hotel guests have the city to yourself before you arrive coaches after they leave.