Modica Sicily

Modica SicilyModica is one of the most beautiful cities in southern Sicily in which a top producing one of the most famous chocolates in Italy. The following lines will be introduced to the different faces of the city and some of the main attractions in Modica with which to seal his time there.

City of stairs
The historic center of Modica is like an amphitheater – each building is standing almost on top of the bottom and therefore you have to constantly go up and down stairs, especially if you work in the lower city, and then you cry to drink coffee at the top. As you swerve up the stairs, be sure to lift his head to see the colorful shutters and no less colorful laundry hanging of spaces between buildings. The town was built on the spot where two valleys meet, once crossed by rivers. After a terrifying flood in 1902, however, the rivers were sent underground. Today, as you walk down the main street – Corso Umberto I – actually follow the bed of one of these rivers.

Baroque city
The historic city center is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO because of its superb Baroque architecture. To discover the wonders of the city, however, will not be enough to hang out around the center. Modica is capricious and will cause you to go around the streets, searching for churches and palaces. You will need some time to navigate, but at least you have an unambiguous orientation – above and below. There are two large baroque cathedrals – San Giorgio and San Pietro.

Modica nightCity of chocolate
Enough small talk – we know that the main reason you are in Modica’s chocolate! Known throughout Italy and well beyond, chocolate from Modica is produced here since the Middle Ages recipe brought by the Spanish conquerors. To choose is almost impossible because the chocolate here is not just milk, white and natural. He is also a chili pepper, almonds, cinnamon, lemon, sea salt and whatever else you have in mind – and especially what would you think. The city is full of shops and workshops for chocolate, the question is how much can you eat before you get sick. Note that the chocolate of Modica has a rich taste, natural and grainy. You can melt it or eat it so.

Town with views
It was this endless slope, Modica causes restless spirit traveler looking for places with panoramic views. One of the best places to look at the valley’s Belvedere Pizzo.
Do not fall for sweet? Then try the appetizing aranchini – breaded Sicilian yummy addictive.