KazanThe Russian city of Kazan is an incredible mix of Tatar and Slavic culture. At one point you will see one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches – with bright colors and domes bulbs, along with some of the most impressive mosques in Russia. Add to this several lakes with a completely transparent waters and a legendary cat – and here is ready journey!

Kazan Kremlin – located on Millennium Square. Within Kazan Kremlin you can explore many attractions like the Leaning Tower Syuyumbike, the legendary Col Sharif mosque, Magistro’s Palace, the Temple “Annunciation” Museum of Islam, Natural History Museum, the Mausoleum of Kazan khans.

Leaning Tower Syuyumbike – often called the symbol of Kazan is one of the sloping towers, similar to the one in Pisa. Located in Kazan Kremlin, it is 58 meters high and has a strong inclination to the northeast (with variation near two meters from the vertical axis). The tower is several hundred years old and was used for surveillance and security. According to some legends it was built on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, and others – was built by the legendary queen Syuyumbike in memory of her late husband Safa Giray dynasty.

Kazan cityThe cascade of fountains river Bulacan – this water performance was made on the occasion of 1000 years since the founding of the city and is located on the river Bulacan, near Nizhny Kaban Lake. In the summer evenings here is full of thousands of people who enjoy the music and light show effects of fountains.

Kul Sharif mosque – built in 2005. The mosque is the main mosque not only for Kazan, but for all Tatarstan. It is named after the name of the Tatar national hero Kul Sharif.

Peter and Paul Cathedral – one of the most beautiful and unusual temples in Russia, a monument of Russian baroque.
Blagoveshchensk fair – this is the oldest building in the Kazan Kremlin. Built in the 16th century, many years this church was the main temple of the city.

Bogoyavlenski Festival – one of the most beautiful churches in Kazan – Russian Baroque style, light blue and gold. Of course, with the ubiquitous domes shaped bulbs. Nearby is the monument of the famous opera singer Feodor Chaliapin, who was baptized in this church and as a child sang in the choir her.

Bauman Street – famous shopping street, like Arbat in Moscow. While walking on her watch not only the shop windows, but also several whimsical sculptures in the pedestrian zone. One of them is…

Monument of Kazan cat – nourished cat with a lazy smile that monitors mouse blankly at the ceiling of the pavilion. This is a sculpture dedicated to the famous Kazan cat. According to legend, the Russian empress came to visit Kazan and saw that the city will mice. Impressed by the skill of Kazan cats, she ordered 30 of them to be transferred to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, where to fight rodents that terrorized the royal family. Descendants of these cats today are slzhba in Hermitage, where protect valuable paintings from damage. They have a special day – April 1, celebrating the faithful service of cats from the Hermitage.

Karst lakes near Kazan – near Kazan has three karst lakes (Blue Thun – in Russian) – Malo-flow and Bolshoi. The lakes are known for their curative mud, which has a light blue color. The water is crystal clear and year-round temperature of 4 degrees.

Historical-architectural reserve Great Bolgar – about 200 km from Kazan is historical and architectural reserve Great Bolgar, on the banks of the river. Volga, which is part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO. Located in the lands where they lived Volga Bulgarians and where it went Asparoukh to establish Danube Bulgaria.