Tenerife island

Tenerife islandWelcome to the largest of the Canary Islands! It is worth to spend a week or even ten days to discover the secrets that keep Tenerife. And who better to devote your mysteries in one place than someone who has been there dozens of times and knows him better than his five fingers.

From moonscape to rainforests
Tenerife hard you bored. The island has evergreen rain forests and plantations with bananas, avocados, mangoes and countless other tropical crops. The lunar landscape of volcanic craters blends into the vast forest areas occupied by the beautiful Canary pine and the walls of deep precipices (barrancos) grow dragon trees, giant cacti and agave. Inaccessible rocky coasts alternate with romantic small beaches, offering great opportunities for diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing. In the southern part of the island are sorted classic resorts with myriad attractions and wide sandy beaches, theme and water parks.
Little Secret: Did you know Tenerife, you can see unexpected woody plants such as tomatoes (tamarillo) and strawberry tree (madronyo).

Loro Parque
The world famous Park Foundation e exotic blend of botanical and zoological garden. It performs research and care for the preservation of endangered species. The park also offers shows with sea lions, killer whales, dolphins and parrots. All are served with a wonderful sense of humor and inspire young and old. Little Secret: After the performances you can join the tour “behind the scenes” – a small group with a personal guide. In it you’ll see what care is taken for the animals, learn about their diet, hygiene habits and many others.
What else: The visit of Loropark can be combined with a stop in the grounds back in 1504 the city of La Orotava or in one of the typical roadside wineries family type. These hosts served homemade wine and homemade dishes.

Tenerife beachDiving – Adventure snorkel and mask
The Canary Islands is very easy to dive into a new world – literally and figuratively. Equipped with a snorkel and mask, the adventure begins a few meters from the shore. It feels like you’re in an aquarium whose colorful inhabitants curiously watching you. Access to the realm of Neptune is within the reach of everyone – you need only snorkel and mask. They can be hired for a modest sum by them, if desired, add fins. If you do you are a certified diver or would like to know what it feels like to be one in front of you will find countless additional options.
Little secret: If you take a deep breath and dive even just two or three meters deep, you yourselves will become a part of the underwater landscape. You will be able to get closer to the rocky bottom on which have entered anemones. You will long remember how gentle their tentacles sway slightly from the surf.

Food and wine
The island produces amazing wines from varieties that thrive only in the local volcanic soil. If you go shopping or log in ordinary supermarket will become enchanted by the fruit and zelenchutsiteot all kinds and sizes. Fishermen tirelessly deliver fresh fish and seafood.
Little Secret: Worldwide tourists looking for those frequented mostly by locals restaurants. Avoid the tourist places to eat and bet on family restaurants off the main streets.

Tenerife travelTowns where you feel like discoverers
The picture would not be complete without a dip in the extraordinary atmosphere of cities like San Cristobal and La Orotava, where the time machine takes you back several centuries ago and where the story makes you feel like discoverers of a new world. There are houses with balconies, silent squares and botanical garden, craft shops, medieval castles and stately churches. On the streets grow palms, figs and Chinese Jacaranda. In many places lurking feeling of blissful timelessness, a casual attitude toward everyone and everything.
Little secret: With its ancient center and its colorful buildings with balconies decorated with pots of La Orotava is a paradise for those who love to shoot on the road – here you can make beautiful pictures of traditional Canarian architecture and atmosphere.