La Maddalena archipelago

La Maddalena archipelagoIf relaxing in the northern part of Sardinia, these islands delivered directly from heaven deserve first place on your list of destinations. Archipelago of La Maddalena borders on the unreal. Wouldn’t you Sardinia her as if you are in the Caribbean – uninhabited islands, turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches, reserved just for you. Here you can swim in one of the cleanest water in the whole of Italy. La Maddalena is the name of the main island and the entire archipelago, which consists of seven main islands and over 50 small islands … straight ostrovchentsa. Some of them are coastal restaurants where you can stop for lunch. It still can not say that tourists are overcrowded landscape, so you can expect friendly attitude of the owners of catering. Or take your snack for the road and stop on a deserted beach for lunch, which you will remember for long.

Join a day trip or hop on a ferry from Palau and after 20 minutes you are on the main island of La Maddalena. On the island itself has some great beaches – all are out of town, but you can easily reach them by bus that goes around the entire island. In the central part of Maddalena stroll through the pedestrian zone, refresh with a glass of wine or see what is available to the fish market.

The second largest island of Caprera (bridged with La Maddalena) is the house museum of Italian national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi. When he saw La Caprera, Garibaldi was so fascinated that immediately bought a piece of land and built a house for himself and his last wife. In this house and died.

Archipelago of La Maddalena is located near the Costa Smeralda. You can use the ferry from Palau or rent a boat for a day trip to find some of beobitaemite islands. La Maddalena is part of a national park – remember to keep nature as it would like to see it.