KoprivshticaKoprivshtitsa is a city where we go first as children. This is the city in which the routes of most foreigners in Bulgaria. Where history is kept and where it is worth going back from time to time. And according to a local joke also where summer lasts only three days – if you get drunk, you might miss it. If long (or never) you have not been Koprivshtica, here’s a list of the main attractions in the city to visit:

The stone bridge First Shot – here for the first time fired a gun, which marks the beginning of the April uprising.

School St. Kiril and Metodiy – the second each school in Bulgaria and the first class school, founded by Nayden Gerov. Here taught Neofit Rilski.

The church Assumption – in addition to its religious function, it is known that the bell gives the official start of the April Uprising. In the churchyard are buried Todor Kableshkov and Dimtcho Debelyanov.

House Museum Lyuben Karavelov – she born into a wealthy family and was a student of Nayden Gerov in first class school in Koprivshtitsa ago to tackle revolutionary activities.

House museum of Dimcho Debelyanov – home of the famous poet who gave their lives for Bulgaria during the First World War.

Koprivshtica buildingHouse museum of Todor Kableshkov – home of the famous revolutionary and author of Bloody letter.

House museum of Georgi Benkovski – one of the main organizers of the April uprising.

Lyutova house – exquisite architecture and murals that will impress you.

Bazaar – where to meet with crafts from the past.

Oslekova house – hardly have expected Baroque in Koprivshtitsa, but the house of the merchant Nencho Oslekov was built in this style. Since 1956 it houses the Ethnographic Museum.

Mausoleum-Ossuary Republic – was built in memory of those killed in the April Uprising in 1876 .. In the bottom of the monument to keep the bones of those who died, and at the top was built a small chapel.

For a truly memorable visit to Koprivshtitsa be in town for the annual re-enactment of the April Uprising, or the feast of the church “Assumption” on August 15.