Vava'uThe best destination for kayaking in the Pacific Ocean is a charming group of islands of Tonga, as Vava’u to fifty surrounded by reef, covered with bush islands separated by inlets and sheltered in a beautiful blue lagoon measuring 22 to 24 kilometers. With unspoiled beauty Vava’u is a major destination for water sports and sailing, but the best way to visit the hidden sea caves, secluded coves and turquoise waters lapping in white beaches is via kayak trip with a guide. Drivers will familiarize you with the local Polynesian environment and culture, visiting small villages on the outer islands and the traditional feast Mariam in which suckling pig stew in a covered underground pit under the accompaniment of Tonga songs and dances.

Kayaking pacific OceanProtected channels and coral reefs of Vava’u provide great opportunities for snorkeling and glimpse of whales and dolphins, which proceed from the Antarctic to these shallow, warm waters from June to November to raise their young. You will not be the first who will ask you to abandon your kayak to slide into the water and swim with them. Uninhabited islands are ideal for a beach barbeque or setting up camp under swaying palms and Southern Cross.

That is one of the most exciting and top kayaking destination in the world, but beautiful nature will also impress you and will make you want to stay there forever.