Jaipur India

Jaipur IndiaJaipur is one of the most vibrant and colorful Indian cities. Among seasoned travelers who are already lucky enough to be here, this place is memorable for its hospitality, warmth and cordiality. The streets are full of friendly and smiling people who are willing to engage in conversation with a foreigner. Squares and parks of the city is replete with numerous stalls, kiosks and stalls, where you can buy a myriad of souvenirs and various trinkets. Also on the city bazaars offer visitors to purchase what is the main local products or national commodity. For example, it can be traditional Hindu outfits sari, jewelery, precious and semi-precious metals, and tea. By the way, to buy precious stones and products to buy the best here. Since Jaipur is considered the nation’s leaders in the production and processing of this valuable product. It has customers in jewelry stores can choose sketch of the future jewelry or own sketch in general terms, how would he like to see the ordered item of jewelery. Also, urban artisans offer a wide selection of souvenirs from different precious wood. Especially prized products of sandalwood, depicting mainly the gods. These masterpieces of handicrafts are in high demand from foreign tourists who buy them, often, as a gift to family and friends. Urban markets and bazaars including full skilled products of non-ferrous metals – brass, copper, bronze, etc. The female half of the municipal market visitors will not disregard the wonderful kinds of silk fabrics of different colors, and clothing from them.

Jaipur has its own legend, which states that before the arrival of the Prince of Wales, in order to show the warm and friendly local people, all city walls repainted in bright, mostly pink in color, and that led to the emergence of the name “Pink City” The city has a reputation unapproachable. Over the centuries-old history, the British were able to achieve only a partial conquest of the capital of Rajasthan state. Because even under the British monarch Jaipur had the right of autonomy. Prior to that, no army, no state is able to win the gloomy walls of a Fortress, on all sides, surrounding the city. As for attractions, one of the most prominent include Hawa Mahal. Palace, home to a huge harem of wives belonging to one famous Sultan, unique with its strange history. Rumor has it that the concubines were not allowed to leave the castle, and the world could contemplate through the small windows in each room. Such windows are not considered as a harem was truly gigantic. And do not be afraid of the external appearance unremarkable Hawa Mahal, the inner world can tell a lot of things cognitive.

Jaipur travelJaipur, more than any other Indian city, is full of a variety of magnificent architectural buildings. As confirmation of this – the city palace complex, which makes up a large urban area of the array. Complex – a complex mix of different architectural structures, gardens and masterpieces. The story of this miracle lures us into the reign of the Mughals. Created in the Middle Ages, complex, yet often subjected to changes and additions until it was brought to us in its present form. Now the premises of these locks work exhibitions on various subjects. This may be the armory, which demonstrates the different types of antique arms and armor, museum Hindu clothing, musical instruments museum, etc. and is also known for its samples of ancient manuscripts palace library. The draws its inaccessibility and grandeur Amber Fort. I. Singh built a formidable fortification castle on the shore of the lake. Inside the fort there are many stalls and souvenir shops. Not far from them located Kali temple, the favorite object of tourists. Organized lots of different excursions to the territory of the fort. By a person, they may be on foot or in transport.

The pink City landmark of interest from several parties. The complex has a conceptual significance as an architectural and historical point of view. The ancient city has 9 parts, as described in the ancient creeds.
Dzhaygarh fortress – a source of pride of the local population. Built several hundred years ago in the mountains of the fort to the present day has retained its original appearance and beauty. In addition, in the courtyard of the palace is the largest cannon by specific information in the world. She was cast in the early XVII century for the conduct of active hostilities. Weight guns is over 50 tons. Thousands of curious visitors come here to at least glimpse at it. A favorite place of Indian monarchs was Fort Nahagarh. Erected in the early nineteenth century the fortress was not let in royal persons during a royal hunt. From the windows Nahagarh beautiful view of the nearby lake, which once hunted ducks high-ranking officials of the state. In the eastern outskirts of the city spread out the complex of temples and churches, surrounded by blossoming gardens. Thousands of pilgrims come here to pray, and to drink the holy water of the springs. The main church of the complex – the Temple of the Sun God, who is at the top of the hill. Due to this location temple visible from almost every corner of the city.

Of the buildings can be distinguished record-breaking tower Capra-Suli. This is a high-rise building – the tallest in the city. Lovers of beautiful scenery make it to the top, to enjoy the wonderful the view. It is the major asset of the city Urban Observatory. Founded in the 30s of XVIII century, astronomical research laboratory has become one of the most important in the country. For many years the observatory engaged in forecasting the weather, acts of God foretold, the behavior of celestial bodies. Some devices, and data in our time are used in the world of astronomical practice. Their distinguishing feature is that they are all made of white marble with great skill. About the architecture of the building itself observatory can say many flattering words. Made in a beautiful art style, it looks more like some ancient theater.

In Jaipur conducted the mass of different celebrations and festivals devoted to a particular event. Local residents prepare to him tenderly and with great impatience. Holiday action, as usual, are in a big way in a bright, colorful style. One of the most popular festivals – Women’s Day. This day is considered traditional for the female half of the population go to church and pray. Married women in their prayers celebrate the good deeds of their husbands and ask the heavens to protect their marriage and maintain family stability. Young, unmarried girls ask the gods to make the right choices and to reward them worthy husband. Very popular here parade of elephants. During this action animals were taken to the streets to walk with them in front of cheering spectators. Also hosts a variety of seasonal celebrations in honor of Indian Gods. For example, Hawley and goddesses Parvati. In the name of the latter to arrange holidays and the name Teja. Thus people symbolize gratitude for a good harvest and marks the beginning of the rainy season. Tej is held in mid-season and late summer.

The city is well developed catering business. Many restaurant type establishments, cafes and snack bars offer you a wide selection of traditional local and exotic foreign cuisine. In these places, especially popular among clients fruits and vegetables, as well as dishes and desserts from them. The menu in enough meat dishes abound, various cuts of sections of the masses, steaks and chops. The main product of many eateries Jaipur is fish and seafood. Very popular delicacies of oysters, crabs and lobsters. In Jaipur, there are so many restaurants offering vegetarian meals. Most of these places are located in the western suburbs. Data menu institutions offer a wide range of dishes of vegetables and fruits, various salads and desserts. The most popular fruits used in vegetarian cuisine – pineapple bananas and dates. Indians a big fan of tea and adherents of the traditional tea ceremony. There are a number of distinctive features in the tea-making procedure of the local population. Also, drink, preparing urban tea is very different from European standards. This is due to the passion of citizens to drink tea with a variety of ingredients. Such as milk, cream, and various herbs and spices. It should be noted that drinking alcohol varying strength is not accepted in places to eat in Jaipur, like the country as a whole.

For practical tips for travelers to check these: One of the main – beware of street thieves. As in many other cities of India, in Jaipur thrive petty theft and larceny. A special place is taken by a special group of thieves – eternal asylum charity. Sometimes they are so bothersome that they can lead a man, unaccustomed to all this, to the point of hysteria. Often used temporary loss of vigilance, from the hands of scoundrels rip wallets, purses or just paper money, then turns tail with all haste. On natural markets and bazaars not miss a bargain. Local vendors fairly compliant, and successful scenario, the original price can be reduced by half. As the product is no doubt. As you know, India is a country masters of craft business, so most products are made by hand and are truly amazing creations of human hands. Accordingly, good bargain, from the counter to pick up the really unique thing for a fairly reasonable price. In general, people are driven to Jaipur home souvenirs made of wood, jewelry and ornaments, rugs, fur and fabric. On climate conditions, visitors should be aware that in Jaipur almost throughout the year the sun shines brightly and the weather is hot. Therefore, collecting the bags on the road, do not forget about the basic means of protection against the effects of the tropical climate. However, once in the city during the rainy season will be no more than the cloak and some warm clothes. Because, in the spring-summer period is characterized by a lot of rain and sometimes sudden changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. Best time to travel to Jaipur – the fall and winter months. At this time of year the weather is not so hot and humid in the summer. Drinking tap water is highly undesirable. Here it is very low quality. Drinking water from the tap, combined with the influence of the hot sun on the human body, can cause a very severe intestinal infections. The same applies to fruits and vegetables bought from local vegetable shops. Before use, it is strongly recommended to rinse them several times.
In compliance with all rules and regulations, your stay in Jaipur will be trouble-free and walk in a place of prominence will bring joy.