olbiaThe ancient Greeks called Olbia “Happy Town”. And it can not not happy, it is located in a beautiful bay in the northern part of the island of Sardinia, with several smaller islands offshore and popular resort area of ​​Costa Smeralda nearby. Olbia is the only place on the island of Sardinia where there are preserved Roman baths and aqueduct. There are archaeological museum where you can see some interesting exhibits, including remnants of ancient shipwrecks.

The real treasure of Olbia are actually long pedestrian streets and quiet squares (afternoon on a warm summer day there will be the only living creature except a cat dozing in the shadows). If you are interested in history, near Olbia follow the brown signs to the buildings of ancient civilization on the island – NURAGHE (Ryu Mulinu NURAGHE, Kastedu Su Su Monte in December S’ba etc.). Some of the sites and the beaches around Olbia can be reached by public transportation. For the latest information drop into the tourist information center at the port and pick up a free map of the city.

Do you find yourself in Olbia on 15 May, will witness the festivities in honor of St. Simplicho – patron saint of the city. Visit the Basilica bearing his name and become part of the entertainment with dancing, games and festival clams.