halle city

halle cityCity Halle is home to the oldest chocolate factory in Germany. And the second largest airport in eastern Germany after Berlin. Also the famous Baroque composer Handel. If you think you have not heard anything from Handel, think again – oratorio “Messiah” is his most famous work, and yet you ever sing part of it: “Aaaaleluya!”. As the hometown of Handel, Halle has filled program children’s choral festivals, festivals of classical music and many other musical events. The birthplace of composer turned into a museum, keeps not only the story of his life and work, but more than 700 musical instruments from different eras.

If so poogladneete of music history, go directly to the chocolate museum Halloran – the oldest chocolate factory in the country. You will have the unique opportunity to enter the room, which is full of chocolate and see the production process of chocolate candy. The tasting is implied. The first thing you notice in Halle are very green and water spaces. Although the city’s economic and beznes center of it instead of severity, breathes comfort and relaxation. Use the opportunity to see the city from another angle, get on a boat and poplavate in the River Saale (about 5 euros).

halleTake you to discover Halle, start from the Old Market (Alter Markt) – once the center of the city preserved the atmosphere of the past and today. There is also a donkey fountain that illustrates some legend. Years ago in Halle upcoming visit of the emperor. The townspeople decorating all the way from the gate to the center rose to greet him properly. It happened, however, there is flooding and the Emperor entered through the other gate. At Rose went only son of the miller with his donkey. The boy decided that the flowers were for him, which gave rise to great laughter among the inhabitants of Halle. The city and visit the birthplace of the composer Wilhelm Bach, a museum of music. Of course, here they have a castle – Moritzburg, which was used as the residence of the archbishops of Magdeburg. Today is a museum of art with a rich of classic modernism. Halle boasts distant roots in science. Already in 1652 here opened Leopoldina – today the National Academy of Sciences, one of the oldest in the world.

As the history of the town is connected with the extraction of salt for centuries, here they have a salt museum. There are still “white gold” is produced by ancient technology. At Halle held another festival of salt and the Lantern Festival. If you’re a fan of art, opera, theater, music, here are stylish scene and devoted audience. Does accommodate evening and time for beer, head to Kleine Ulrihshtrase – the neighborhood where bars and restaurants are on every corner, including many with tables outside.

Close to Halle is located visitor center dedicated to the oldest open disk image of the starry sky – the disc of non-harvesting. Interactive exhibit will show you around the story of the discovery of findings and ideas around the world of ancient people. A mere drive away in the town of Halle – in the State Museum of Prehistory.