Gioiosa Marea

Gioiosa MareaHave you heard about a jolly town in Sicily that even with a modest population of just 7,000 people, attracts tourists for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful beaches?

Why “jolly”? Translated from Italian “Gioiosa” means “cheerful, happy”. The roots of the name are not very clear, as Gioiosa Marea was founded after the previous town – Gioiosa Guardia, was destroyed by a major earthquake in 1783 surviving inhabitants moved and founded a new city, replacing part of the name to differs. Gioiosa Marea is located on the island of Sicily, on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is famous for its olives and citrus.

What to visit in Gioiosa Marea:
Antiquarium (located in the center of town), dedicated to the ancient city Gioiosa Guardia. Free admission, opening hours: Monday – Friday 9-12 hours.
Church of San Nicolo di Bari – the direct successor of the namesake church in the ruined city Gioiosa Guardia.
Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie – 200 year old bell tower in Arabic style.
Cave Grotta del Tono – located in front of the train station as you enter through a crack in the amount of 160 180 cm. Inside await three rooms connected by tunnels, corridors. The specific sediments and speleothems it clear that the cave was once sea level.