DubaiHave you ever tried to Arabic coffee, which is known as Dubai Gahova Arabia. The hot drink, a symbol of hospitality, is a mix of Arabic ground coffee beans, cardamom and saffron. The coffee is filtered and served hot in small cups. And did you know that in Dubai grown more than 40 types of dates?

What about Bedouin cuisine?
Dubai is known as a modern and technological city. And it is possible to miss the essence as he stare skyscrapers. If you want to really immerse yourself in the culture of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, visit cultural understanding Sheikh Mohammed.

The idea of ​​the center
The center was founded in 1998 and since then functions as a bridge between the many nationalities who live, work and travel in Dubai. The philosophy of the center is “Open Doors. Open consciousness.” Located in a traditional house in the heart of historic neighborhood Al Fahidi offers numerous activities

Heritage of Dubai
Go back in time and enjoy the atmosphere of Al Fahidi, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai. Get the best guides to walk among colorful pazarcheta and traditional houses. Or learn more about the culture and religion of the emirate in the relaxed atmosphere of the only mosque that accepts guests who are not Muslims – Jumeirah Mosque.

Cultural snacks
Skip the hotel breakfast and join the Dubai Traditional breakfast or lunch in the center of cultural understanding Sheikh Mohammed. Authentic cuisine from the emirate that will try is homemade recipes of the mother of the founder of the center. Local cuisine relies heavily on fish, meat and rice, and breakfast is served sweet dishes. But this is much more than a meal – breakfast will be accompanied by a conversation with a local host and themes are culture, traditions and religion.