EmpuriabravaEmpuriabrava is one of the most unusual cities in Costa Brava – with more than 24 km of canals and over 5,000 private speedboats, the city is probably the biggest residential marina in the world (and certainly in Spain). Empuriabrava somewhat reminiscent of Miami Beach with its rich visitors, mostly Germans and French. Long rows of channels, trimmed with houses and boats anchored in front of them – this is the usual landscape of the city. The nightlife will not disappoint, bars and clubs are world class restaurants and the port are an ideal place for a long lunch while watching the world around him. Because of the huge flow of tourists, about 8,000 residents of Empuriabrava summer swell to an impressive 80,000.

The beach of Empuriabrava can only 1.5 kilometers long but impressive 100 meters wide, which means that space is available for all.

If you are here just for a day, a good idea is to hire a boat tour of the canals of Empuriabrava.

Empuriabrava portIf you are looking for information about the city on the web again and again will come across sites with information about skydiving. Actually end Empuriabrava is one of the best in the world (!) Schools paratroopers and one of the best locations for jumps. If you dream for a long time, you can try flying in right here. One of the sure signs that you approach the city, the sky is filled with paratroopers as confetti.

Note that if you dream to wander through the cobblestone streets or walk along the scenic coastal streets, where you talk to local – it’s difficult to Empuriabrava. The city was founded only 40 years to be a recreation place and almost nothing authentically Catalan. About 2 km is located in the old town – Castello d’Empuries founded in the 9th century, which is actually Empuriabrava neighborhood.