Comoros travel tours

Comoros travel toursSpacious beaches, eternal summer and enchanting beauty hiding Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. An archipelago consisting of four large and several smaller islands of volcanic base. In the Middle Ages derived from its local name “al-qamar” translation “of the Moon” because of petrified lava on the white sandy beaches. We offer our 6 reasons why it is worth to go “on the moon” today.

Located in the capital of Comoros – Nhadzidzha (Grand Comore). Here it is located and cargo – the highest active volcano on earth (2560 meters).

Typical of the archipelago, the beaches here abound. Characterized by long strips and organize various beach competitions. Among the typical are races Arab sailing dhows and those with canoe. Local would you filed the shores of Galava Buono where the beaches are more than excellent.

You can see many endemic species, including the flying fox of Lingstan most big fruit bats. The smallest island mojito waiting turtles, dolphins and exotic birds that live only in this part of the planet.

comorosIn the middle of the last century local fisherman caught in their nets extremely strange fish. It turns Coelacanth, lived 380 million years ago. Ancient ribaot time of the Devonian period has become the emblem of Comore today can see it depicted on souvenirs, stamps, restaurants and more. Besides it can dive into the crystal waters of each of the islands and enjoy the unexpected marine paintings.

On the island of Anjouan awaits Swahili architecture dating from the 17th century. The walk around the small twisted streets takes you to the citadel and mosques from different historical periods.

The fishing village is located about six kilometers from Moroni and allows you to spend an unforgettable evening with traditional dancing, good food and interesting spirits. The village is the old capital of Grande Comore, where you can see castles and royal tombs of the 17th century.