Chopin Museum

Chopin MuseumFryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw is one of the best travel destination in the Czech Republic. Already in the first room you can log in to their own music room. After marking your card you can choose from touch what you want to hear and see. The music can be heard only by you, but you are surrounded by the outside world only by the glass and see what is happening around.

Several places in the museum microphones hang from the ceiling. They do not expect you to talk to them, but when you get closer, you start to sound system with exclamations, laughter, breathing or coughing. From the first to the third floor microphones indicate health of Chopin, it is the worst room before describing his death.

If you think it’s plasma screens that are in restaurants or malls – Burke. These are very precisely integrated into the walls of screens or glass panels, so sometimes difficult to understand when it is completed and when the screen starts reality. Sometimes they show you screen adaptations of etudes of Chopin, sometimes show his story through letters, sheet music or maps. The screens are everywhere and are activated or after zooming or after marking your card.

The museum has a hall with desks and headphones, and has offices books with leather pages that are … white. When you flip the pages, however, the ceiling on them playing different information, including player of that when you press the white pages you can play what you want to hear.

On the staircase that forms a pretty big empty space of the museum decided to make a joke and people themselves can compose what they want. This is done by stepping overs on the floor and in various combinations of legs that are flat on specific points, the music is different. While looking funny here visitors receive another dose of exciting music.

It’s hard to describe something gone anywhere, but we will try. Imagine dozens of drawers that .ashing and prompt you to download them amid strong darkened room. When pulling out the drawer to himself from the ceiling are playing sheet music and speakers against you start your acoustic with what is written on the sheet music. Of course, in every drawer launched different music. Hall, representing the death of Chopin is absolutely black with carved inscriptions in English and French describing death. When approaching the inscriptions become lighter or darker and make you feel the tragedy of genius and the pain of his relatives.

And to top it all, the museum helpfully benches are placed throughout the city, in front of the composer’s key locations. On each bench has a map of all these places and PLAY button, which when pressed launches music that is heard under the bench. It’s like you’re sitting in a concert of Chopin.

Yes, just Chopin was born in Warsaw, and has not spent much time there, but at the expense of what he now is, when it presented in a way that is hard to forget.