Charles Bridge

Charles BridgeToday’s architectural beauty of Prague is largely set in the glorious years of the fourteenth century. During the reign of Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Moravia and Holy Roman Emperor. It Charles founded a university in the city and ordered in 1357 the construction of called his name Charles Bridge, the most beloved and familiar image of Prague.

There are fourteen other bridges over the meandering Vltava (caused unprecedented flooding in 2002), but the view from the bottom of this pedestrian bridge to the east coast is wonderfully nice – covers the remarkable architectural melange on the hilly slopes of Mala Strana, which leads to Prague on hrad the opposite bank. Thirty-six baroque saints (including St. St. Cyril and Methodius), most of them added in the seventeenth century., Lining up along the sixteen graceful arches. The ritual of visiting the famous bridge at different times of the day is mandatory. Being early in the morning on the Vltava complete with swans, is to have the bridge for yourself while Keep it statues loom like ghosts, shrouded in fog lifted.

At noon here congregate locals, tourists, wandering musicians and other street performers and vendors of T-shirts ( “The Czechs expelled them!”). At night, the bridge is deserted and became magical, even spellbinding.

A stone’s throw from the bridge romantic boutique inn “At the three ostriches” offers rooms with oak beams and a superb dinner with beautiful views. Former first café Bohemia, its massive ancient walls isolated from the noise of the crowds. Ask for a corner room for the best view.