CesenaticoCesenatico is located on the east coast of Italy, Riviera Romagnoli – 100 km coastline with excellent beaches between Rimini and Ravenna. This area is not in the top 10 favorite places to foreigners, but that’s why you like it. Calm, relaxed, ready to immediately immerse you in the Italian holiday life. Cesenatico appears as a fishing village about 700 years and its transformation into a beach destination experiences in the 50s of last century.

Beaches in Cesenatico
At 7-kilometer Adriatic coast there are hotel complexes and free beaches. Adriatic coast is more peaceful part of the Italian beach destinations, so you can enjoy a holiday in which there is enough space for you and everyone else in the sand.

Maritime Museum in Cesenatico
Even today in Cesenatico you can see the colorful fishing boats decorated with coats of arms of local families – in the water of the Sea and Maritime ships Museum. As part of its land preserved and other fishing gears from the past.

The canal and the port of Leonardo da Vinci
Urban legends tell that the channel and the port of Cesenatico designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci actually visited the town with the task of improving its military defense. He sketched channels (sketch is kept to this day), but it is unclear whether the proposed changes and whether they have been implemented.

Stay in good shape – perfect city bike and cross
Cesenatico has volleyball and a long promenade for a morning run. The city conducts legendary velosastezanie Nove Colli. Even if you forget to sign up for participation, however, the town is perfect for lovers of bicycles. There are wide bicycle lanes calm traffic and a lot of places from which to rent a vehicle on two tires (Some hotels even offer them free).

Fresh fish
It is worth to come to Cesenatico just for fish and thousands of ways in which you serve it in a way causing licking his fingers.

The house of Marino Moretti
Marino Moretti is an Italian poet and writer, whose works will find vivid description of life on fishing towns at the beginning of last century. His home is now a museum. You can stand at the window, as he did it, and watch the people at the port in search of inspiration for literary heroes. Moretti himself bequeathed the house and belongings to a museum, but today I must make a preliminary request for a visit as there is no fixed working hours.

And because you are tired of so much sport (and you deserve a treat!) Night’s time for an aperitif – specific to Italy custom according to which around 19 hours each drink (wine or cocktail) comes with free snacks, cheese, sandwiches and whatnot. Aperitif is time for pleasant conversation for Italians tradition worth to bring home.

What to see around Cesenatico
1 hour by train is Bologna, 40 km away is the tiny city-state of San Marino and Rimini is just 20 km.