SantoriniSun reflecting white and blue domes in perfect shape. Winding streets and steep stairs though end up in the sky. Sea, which filled with blue eyes and with calm. Do you recognize where you end up in seconds? Inhale heavy with scent and color Mediterranean shrubs breeze that Roshi your hair. Now you felt Santorini? But have you ever thought when is the best time to visit Santorini? Depends on what you want to do there.

Swimming and suntan
If you decide to swim and collect Santorini tan, then the best time to travel is between June and September. Then you can enjoy the beautiful sunny days. A seawater is the most pleasant temperature in August and early September. It is possible to try it in May or in October, but will not be the same degrees.

Night entertainment, plenty of sunshine and boiling life
If you decide to try the nightlife and feel all the pros at the peak of the season, then you are welcome from June to September. Then it is called. peak summer season and just now choose the majority of visitors to the island. For some it is a long-awaited summer vacation, for others it is emotions to the max, and the third is simply the best time to introduce you to the sunny Santorini.

santorini travelCalm and moderate sun without large crowds
If you are a people who rest in peace, peace and more time for contemplation, then your time to visit is during May and early June or in September and October. Then you can enjoy all the entertainment, but more mellow pace. You could try the water, but may be cooler, which is not always undesirable option.

Bargain prices and different face of Santorini in other seasons
If you really want to visit Santorini, but you can not afford a holiday in peak season, then for you there is a very convenient solution – go in April and May or October and November. You may be surprised by a nice and sunny weather will be able to see the island in another season. Something that probably not everyone can boast.

Winter in Santorini (low season)
The hotels offer cheap deals in the winter months. Winter in Santorini, why not, sounds exciting and unusual. If you do not scare the prospect of cooler weather, rain and gray skies, then it can be safely plan your vacation and to meet the other face of Santorini. Keep in mind that transport is limited schedule and are likely to have to wait more time in Athens.