Besalu streets

Besalu bridgeBesalu is a medieval town in Spain, might not have heard, but you will remember for long if you include it in your itinerary. What can not be described either in words or pictures, are the views and feel that you are in a fairy tale. Besalu has all the classic features of the town in which to leave part of your heart – cobbled streets, ancient stone buildings, archways, balconies with flowers and restaurants with river views. Walk to Besalu is an excellent idea for a day excursion to Barcelona or if you are on holiday in Costa Brava.

Bridge of Besalu, who knows where it goes
Few bridges can boast indecision bridge Viejo (Old Bridge from the 11th century) in Besalu. Several times he changes direction and swerves now here, now there. The most photogenic is if you shoot from the town because it will catch his reflection in the River Fluvanna County. No less sighs causes sight of the medieval city, while on the bridge. The bridge has several arches, central tower and gate through which you enter directly into the fortified city.

Besalu streetsMikromundi – museum of miniatures
This amazing museum will awaken your child’s curiosity. Instead of endless rows of paintings or pieces of ancient stone here waiting dozen miniature figurines whose details you can see only under a powerful magnifying glass. Spend at least half an hour.

Cuisine in Besalu
The river has a number of restaurants with water views that offer delicious food at a good price