Locorotondo streets

LocorotondoWhen it comes to trulli (white fairy pointed stone houses, typical of the Puglia region in Italy), the association often is Alberobello. Very close to it is another town that also has trulli combined with a lower concentration of tourists. Locorotondo is located on a hill 400 meters high, making it recognizable from afar and it ranks highly in the Italian ranking of the most beautiful villages. There is not any central landmarks. The whole place invites you to walk quietly and aimlessly and enjoy small discoveries, which fall. White Trulli emerge from every corner, but be sure to peek in churches sit on the coffee and enjoy the wonderful weather that characterizes almost all year round for this part of Italy. As the old center has a circular plan (hence the name of the town – Lorotondo = Circle location) occasionally you will reach at its edges, where you will be rewarded with amazing views of vineyards, olive plantations and hills.

Locorotondo streetsBe sure to try the local black orekiete pasta with different sauces. Respected in the region are as seafood and fish and lamb. It produces wonderful, slightly sparkling white wine and high quality olive oil. The story Trull is not very clear, but it is believed that at the beginning were warehouses produced by frequently occurring one stone. Subsequently, people began to build houses and stones to not pay taxes (for the stores do not pay tax and residential – to). Gradually all lived in this type of buildings and checkered landscape in Puglia with white houses, which are visible everywhere, if you travel around by car or train.

The nearest airport is Barry.