Red beach Santorini

Red beach SantoriniThe beach on the island of Santorini looks like a giant paint with her confused with coloring book. It is important to know that Santorini is not the best place for sunbathing in Greece, especially if you like beaches with sand, not pebbles. Once you know not to expect much here though several interesting proposals when it’s time to collect the complexion of the island. The volcanic activity has created real wonders of nature. Here are some of the best beaches of Santorini to visit:

Red beach, Santorini
One of the most famous beaches of Santorini, which is located near the ancient city of Akrotiri. The reddish sand is mixed with small reddish pebbles and rocks overhanging the beach are interesting nuances. If you love to dive, this underwater landscape is rich in bizarre rock formations. Note that red beach is small and often became overcrowded. How to get to Red Beach: You can come by car (parking and cafes), then you have to get off on steep rocks or by boat from the port of Akrotiri (about 5 euros).

White Beach, Santorini
On this beach black sand is mixed with white and gray pebbles and above you are towering white cliffs unusual. Quite calm of Red Beach. There are several lounges, shade can be found among the rocks. How to get to White Beach: With boat from Akrotiri or walk from Red Beach (next to each other are).

Kamari Beach SantoriniKamari Beach, Santorini
Most suitable for families with children of Santorini, as well as many attractions for tourists. There is also a diving center. How to get to the beach Kamari: By bus from Fira. Find the best offer for All Inclusive holidays in Kamari!

The black beaches: Beach Perissa and Perivolos Beach, Santorini
In practice, these two beaches are a common long strip popular with the unpretentious, young visitors. The sand and pebbles are black and therefore often called black beaches. There are hotels and restaurants and a party atmosphere, as well as opportunities to practice windsurfing, water skiing and diving. This summer visit and world DJs who play music. The further south you go in the direction of Agios Georgios, the more peaceful it.
How to get to the beach Perissa and Perivolos: by bus or taxi from Perissa (Perivolos is 3 km from the city).

Moon Beach: Beach Vlychada, Santorini
This beach is known as the Lunar beach on Santorini, as the rocks are yellowish and with a shape that resembles a lunar landscape. The beach is long with sand and grit. The sea suddenly becomes deep and not very suitable for children.
How to get to the beach Vlychada: By bus.

Monolithos Beach, Santorini
Local favorite, suitable for children because of the wonderful sand and shallow waters. At the rear of the beach has trees for those who love the natural shade. It is generally quiet place and the sand is probably the best on the island.
How to get to the beach Monolithos: By car. The beach is near Kamari and airport.

Columbus Beach, Santorini
If you’re a fan of nude beaches, the long strip of Columbus is the place for you. There is place for everyone.
How to get to the beach Columbus: No bus to this beach, you will need a car or ATV.