AzoresThe Azores Islands are an archipelago of nine volcanic islands – in theory part of Portugal and of feeling – a place end of the world, which is unlike any other. Remember volcanic area – it shapes much of what eventually will appreciate as unique to the islands. Average temperatures barely change, so when you come, there will be appropriate. If your time is limited (ie not have moved to live there), here are some of the main attractions of the Azores and experiences to include in your trip. And after that you will want to return – that you guarantee it.

Watch dolphins and whales – you can rent a boat tour of the islands. And whales and dolphins are here year-round. Wine tasting of local variety verdelyo. They say that was a favorite of Russian King Nicholas II. In many places offer tours of wineries or vineyards. If you want to learn more about wine history of the region, in the town Bishkoytush (Terceira Island) in the local wine museum. Relax in the hot mineral springs, which are poured directly into the ocean at Ponta da Ferrara (San Miguel Island).

Climb of Mount Pico – the crater of a volcano on the island of Pico, the highest peak in Portugal (2351 m). From there, an incredible view in all directions. If you love mountain and hill trekking, mountaineering sure your shoes – the island has more than 60 wonderful marked trails and many tourists come here just for them. All paths are marked with the corresponding level of difficulty.

Walk one of the islands of the wheel – Azores Islands are a popular destination for fans of the wheel. You can rent a bike almost anywhere and explore the exotic scenery or towns at their own pace.

Eat local fish specialty “kaldeyrada December peyshe” – poached swordfish with potatoes, vegetables and white wine.

Dive in ancient anchors and rich ocean life – coast of Terceira Island are among the best dive sites in the Azores. The area is literally a graveyard of ancient anchors from the times when there was a lively shipping traffic and marine life is rich and colorful.

Go to the bullfight – the island of Terceira today during the summer almost every day running of bulls through the streets of the city Angra December Eroizhmu by the party later continued in the arena for struggles.

Visit volcanic sights – many old craters have collapsed and today they are only calderas. In many of these former volcanic craters today has crystalline lakes. Lagoa das Furnas is active caldera where you expect eruption of steam, mud lakes and geysers. Locals have made ovens in the ground where the cook heat from the volcano. Lagoa du Fogo is a lake high in the mountains, which also offers incredible views and white beaches.

Visit Angra December Eroizhmu – the capital of the island of Terceira is protected by UNESCO because of its beautiful architecture from the 17th century. Cobblestone streets and brightly painted buildings will remain in your mind