AlbaniaAlbania is located on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, bordering Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece. The fastest to Albania reached by plane. Airport Rinasis 25 km from the capital Tirana. The transport network is not well regulated and must taxi to town. There you need a decent English. Albania is one of the cheapest countries for tourism in Europe for years, according to the American press. There 15 EUR will satiate the most bottomless stomach and overnight stays in very good hotels are not more than 40-50 EUR per night.

The cuisine is typical Mediterranean. It feels strong Greek and Italian influence, but because of the religious factor prevails sheepmeat before all others. The Chinese factor everywhere and hardly left a country where they are not carried and their dishes. Call Albania side bunkers. At the time of Enver Hoxha built more than 700,000 bunkers throughout its territory in case of nuclear attack, which look like huge concrete mushrooms.

Tirana is not much different from other European cities. There is full of modern buildings, cultivated parks and alleys, wide avenues, expensive shops, restaurants and a large number of tall buildings. Among the sights worth seeing square “Skenderbej” Opera mosque Ethem Bey, the National Library, the symbol of the city – the Clock Tower, the ruins of Justinian fortress, the National History Museum. Among the attractions are the zoo and botanical garden. But most impressive is lift, “Dayti” in the northern part of the city that takes tourists for minutes in a preserved mountain area. Above 1000 meters altitude is seen across Tirana and even the Adriatic Sea.