Agadir resort Morocco

Agadir resort MoroccoAgadir is one of those dream destinations around the world, which promises at least 300 sunny days a year, 10-kilometer beach and exotic surroundings, where you can soak up the colorful culture of Morocco. If you need to gather the essence of Agadir in one sentence, it would sound like this: “Excellent beach, Sahara, Atlas Mountains, secluded beaches, which can be reached easily several national parks and modern Moroccan city”.

Agadir differs from other Moroccan classics – Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez – and its architecture, and its population, mostly Berbers, which is extremely tolerant. Summer time is about 25-27 degrees, winter – about 20. Besides beach, Agadir has a port, which is constantly busy and full of interesting people.

Take the old kasbah (fortress) for a panoramic view. Unfortunately, much of it was destroyed during an earthquake in 1960. However, it is worth to go there because of the height of the fort is a wonderful view to the new city, the bay and the port. We recommend you here at sunset. Come by taxi, bus or you can rent a moped.

Agadir resortDo not forget to take time for a leisurely stroll along the coast. Evening will be less relaxed, but with local you can sit at the bar, listen to live music or watch street performances. Visit the small zoo Vallée des Oiseaux birds and mammals from around the world. Free entrance. Agadir is an excellent place for surfing – there are several surf schools and places where to rent equipment. If you like noisy markets, go to the fish market, the market for jewelry or market Souk El Had