travel to Thailand

travel to ThailandIf you’re cold-blooded type of people for whom the cold months are a time for hibernation and dreams of summer, we suggest you change your strategy. Move a little to the south and east. In Thailand during our winter will be walking around in shorts and collect tan on the beautiful beaches. Here are 9 reasons to travel to the Land of Smiles now!

Wonderful weather
In Thailand there are three instead of four seasons – hot, cold and rainy. From October to February is the cool season, which means temperatures above 26 degrees. The only place where ever you needed a sweater in Thailand are the northern parts of the country. In Bangkok and the islands the weather is always warm or hot.

The water temperature in the Thai coast year is about 28 degrees. The sand is blindingly white to golden and the beaches are for everyone – from secluded spots to party locations.

Thai cuisine is a favorite of millions of people around the world, and when you try himself in Thailand will be surprised how tasty dish can be made in a small cart on the street, literally 3 minutes before your eyes.

Water in Thailand are clean and transparent, and life on the seabed boil. Coral, colorful fish, sea turtles await you. You are one of the best dive sites in the world!

Thailand travel tourTemples and palaces
From medieval temples in Chiang Mai, the ancient capital of Ayutthaya and contemporary museums and palaces in Bangkok – Thailand will execute the eyes, heart and mind with the beauty and richness of its centuries-old culture.

Most Thais are Buddhists and it affects all life in the country – from architecture to human relations. You will see amazing Buddhist temples anywhere in Thailand.

Exploring the jungle
National Parks of Thailand still keep plants and animals straight out of “The Jungle Book.” There they encountered tigers and leopards (although it is rare to meet them). You can see, however colorful butterflies, tropical flowers and many monkeys.

Night life
In Thailand there are several bars of top rankings for restaurants with prominent views. You can drink cocktails in some of the most exclusive restaurants in the world or sit over a beer at a beach bar.

Affordable prices
Once you get in Thailand, prices for food, accommodation and restaurants there are more than affordable. If you want to pamper yourself – in Thailand will find numerous luxury hotels with excellent service, again the prices are excellent compared to the quality you get.