Hansa Park

Hansa ParkYou will forget that you ever thought Germans for stricter and more rectilinear the first step in one of their most famous amusement parks. Dozens of parks across the country have gathered as adrenaline and high speeds and fabulous experiences created with amazing imagination. Here are some of our favorite amusement park in Germany with which to bring a pinch of entertainment at your next trip to the country. Only until December 23, 2016 have the chance to win 300 EUR for a nice break from the game of the German tourist board here.

Europe Park – number one
A huge area you will find as adrenaline descents and entertaining and provocative theme parks, show ice theater for children, films, green parks … breathtaking train Silver Star is the second highest in Europe.

Hansa Park – the only sea
If you reached the Baltic coast, take a day for almost all winning prizes for amusement parks Hansa Park in the Bay of Lübeck. Here you will learn medieval stories while trying to test all 135 attractions (35 of which are trains!). Actually, wrong. Take a few days.

Fairy forest MerkenveldFairy forest Merkenveld
Among the trees of this enchanted forest children will discover all your favorite characters from fairy tales – Bremen Town Musicians, Hansel and Gretel, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, Cinderella. The attractions include roller red squirrel phenomenal slides and roundabouts, as well as vintage train.

Legoland for young creators
Only an hour from Munich in the Bavarian town Gunzburg, there is a land where everyone can feel like a real hero. One of the most impressive attractions is Minilend – territory where in 1:20 scale assembled some of the most famous European cities of Lego. Awaiting your further journey through the sunken city of Atlantis (in closed underwater world), the possibility of future architects and creators of robots to create.

This time we are about 20 kilometers from Cologne in Brühl, and this amusement park is proud of its famous visitors from around the world. Get ready to meet Big Mamba, get lost in a mysterious castle or head to river adventure!