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Top sightseeing at Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of those strange mix of east and west that both amaze and confuse you. If you have not been in these exotic lands, here are some good reasons to do so. Dry and humid subtropical climate Lankaran to mountain tundra in the Greater Caucasus. The majority of the country is in the subtropics, for which you can snacking fresh oranges, kiwis, tangerines, bananas. It and beach – from May to September of the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea, close to the capital Baku. Besides large – over 350 000 square meters, the Caspian Sea and deep…

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Scicli travel tour advice

If you watched the Italian battle ax gave “Commissioner Montelbano” some of the landscapes in Scicli may seem familiar. In the Sicilian town were filmed some scenes in the film. Scicli is one of the Sicilian baroque towns included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, but often remained outside the routes of tourists at the expense of the more popular neighbors Modica, Ragusa and Noto. Like another Italian city – Matera years ago Scicli was composed mostly of rock-carved dwellings. Their last inhabitants left them in the 50s of last century. Unfortunately, today the rock houses are not…

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Comoros travel tours
Africa Tours

Comoros travel tours

Spacious beaches, eternal summer and enchanting beauty hiding Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. An archipelago consisting of four large and several smaller islands of volcanic base. In the Middle Ages derived from its local name “al-qamar” translation “of the Moon” because of petrified lava on the white sandy beaches. We offer our 6 reasons why it is worth to go “on the moon” today. Located in the capital of Comoros – Nhadzidzha (Grand Comore). Here it is located and cargo – the highest active volcano on earth (2560 meters). Typical of the archipelago, the beaches here abound….

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