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Letojanni in Sicily

Letojanni is a small coastal town on the island of Sicily, which is located only 5 km from Taormina, but is far less known – and therefore more relaxed and cheaper. Anyone who was in Sicily knows that finding a place that could be called “calm” there is not an easy task. Here is missing, however none of those wonderful things for which we walk in Sicily – Letojanni has a long sandy beach, several very good restaurants for seafood, romantic seaside promenade and various restaurants in which to drink their evening cocktails or a glass of wine sea ​​View….

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La Maddalena archipelago
Europe Tours

La Maddalena archipelago travel tips

If relaxing in the northern part of Sardinia, these islands delivered directly from heaven deserve first place on your list of destinations. Archipelago of La Maddalena borders on the unreal. Wouldn’t you Sardinia her as if you are in the Caribbean – uninhabited islands, turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches, reserved just for you. Here you can swim in one of the cleanest water in the whole of Italy. La Maddalena is the name of the main island and the entire archipelago, which consists of seven main islands and over 50 small islands … straight ostrovchentsa. Some of them are coastal…

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Asia Tours

Muscat travel sightseeing tour

Muscat is the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. The city has long history, located in the upper bay of Khor Muscat. The city is built on rocks, steeply over the sea. It is such a strategically advantageous location, because of the popular seaport of Muscat, which is visited by many ships sailed all over the world. In the time of the Roman Empire, Muscat was one of the points in the chain of towns famous “Ladanova way”. On this way brought to the court of the Emperor incense the weight in gold. When in the XVI century, the Portuguese…

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