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Perissa beach
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Perissa beach in Santorini

Perissa is one of the villages along the coast of Santorini, which concentrate most tourists. Perissa emerged in the 60s of the last century – do not expect traditional rural idyll, but rather a modern tourist center with a party atmosphere. This holiday island life boils almost around the clock. Ask you to find a peaceful place, however, always have a place to do it. In practice, these two beaches are a common long strip popular with younger visitors to the island. The sand and pebbles are black, the result of volcanic activity, and therefore often called black beaches. There…

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Tenerife island
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Little secrets of Tenerife island

Welcome to the largest of the Canary Islands! It is worth to spend a week or even ten days to discover the secrets that keep Tenerife. And who better to devote your mysteries in one place than someone who has been there dozens of times and knows him better than his five fingers. From moonscape to rainforests Tenerife hard you bored. The island has evergreen rain forests and plantations with bananas, avocados, mangoes and countless other tropical crops. The lunar landscape of volcanic craters blends into the vast forest areas occupied by the beautiful Canary pine and the walls of…

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