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Sigishora is land of Dracula

Sighisoara is a lovely town – small and well fortified, located in the famous region of Transylvania in Romania. It is only four and a half hours drive from the capital Bucharest and the river running through it Trnava Mare. Sighisoara has a cozy medieval radiation with narrow cobbled streets. Here are the main vehicle your feet, which is very convenient for tourists who can freely stroll. In the town everything is no more than 2 km. Often narrow and winding streets are starting to creep up on the hills, making the small town very picturesque and charming. In the…

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akko travel
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Old City of Akko travel

Closed in massive walls from the era of the Ottoman Empire, Old Akko (Acre) is quite authentic. He was not populated by nouveau riche has not been arranged and adjusted, reconstructed and reborn as a neighborhood of artists. St. Francis and Marco Polo wean here when Akko was the regional headquarters of the crusaders in the Promised Land. Today’s old town was built in the eighteenth century. In uptown Crusader. The authentic maze of underground corridors, recently excavated, has accommodated 50,000 knights and inhabitants. Above ground silhouettes of mosques decorated with mosaics, CE towering minarets, a Turkish bath and caravanserais…

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chilean wines
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Route of Chilean wines

Chilean wines took the world by storm and enofilite many want to visit the country in which they are produced. Wine in Chile began with the arrival of Spanish conquistadors and missionaries who cultivate grapes for ritual purposes, but the real fault occur when in the middle of the nineteenth century. Cultivated planted French vines. The main vineyards are located in the provinces of Aconcagua, Valparaiso and Santiago, where a series of beautiful valleys formed during the Ice Age, rich in fertile soils. Chile avoided grapevine diseases that strike later French wines, along with Australia, it is the only country…

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